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Comtec Solar is a pure-play monocrystalline solar ingot and wafer manufacturer based in China and Malaysia that focuses on the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of high-quality solar wafers. We are the first such manufacturers in China to be qualified by overseas customers for massive production of N-type monocrystalline solar wafers with a thickness of approximately 140 microns.

As one of the pioneers in the manufacture of semiconductor wafers in China since 2000, we started to manufacture ingots and wafers for solar uses from 2004. Since then, our main focus has shifted to the solar industry to cater to the increasing demand for our top-quality products. We have also taken advantage of the advanced technology, knowledge base and manufacturing experience we developed and accumulated during the manufacture of semiconductor wafers. The successful transfer of know-how allows us to provide our customers with top-quality solar products.

As our first priority, we have, therefore, been able to fully exploit our original role and concentrate our resources on the enhancement of product quality, as well as the development of new and innovative solar wafers. Our research and development capabilities, together with our manufacturing experience, have resulted in proprietary ingot-growing and slicing process technology with improved energy consumption efficiency. As we believe that long-term success in the solar industry will depend largely on product quality and cost competitiveness through superior manufacturing processes, we are committed to dedicating significant resources to new technology and a continuous improvement program.

Our company was successfully listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong on Oct.30 of 2009. Being the only solar company which successfully closed an IPO on a major stock exchange under the challenging economic environment in 2009, we obtained worldwide supports from investors. The IPO proceeds have contributed the source of funding for the Group’s long-term development and increase our production capacity.

We have set up production facilities in Shanghai and Jiangsu. Our capacity is approximately 600MW. A further expansion of production capacity would be made in Malaysia.

After completing the expansion of our production capacity, we would be able to further strengthen our worldwide customer base, and keep our leading statue in Mono Wafer Manufacturing market.